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Hittin’ the road

This was the longest day of driving we have planned for the entire trip.  Left at 6am with a car full of sleepy, happy, excited kiddos.  The GPS gave an arrival time of 6:30pm.   Ha!  We make it to Miller’s at 10:45pm.  Total distance 880 miles.

At the 150 mile mark of our trip, Mikee announced that we are 1/20th of the way to Mexico.  WooHoo!

Everyone did great!  We only had to stop 33 times to use the bathroom.  Not really, but we have a little person in our family that can give my little sis some competition for the world’s tiniest bladder.  But now we have a system and it should make the subsequent driving and bathroom stops more efficient.

It was great to pass through so many states in rapid succession.  Massachusetts, Rhode Island, (wave to the big blue bug) Connecticut, New York, New Jersey.

I have to say that Pennsylvania was very pretty to drive through.  Lots of pretty farms with tidy homes, picturesque barns and silos, lush green fields layed across rolling hills.  Lots of horse and cow farms.

Then small little portions of Maryland and West Virginia.  We were getting tired when we finally reached Virginia.  It was long but worth it.

Most people take the 95 South route which is congested with city traffic and not much offered for scenery.

We would have missed out on the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We were running short on time and missed getting on the Skyline Drive.  That has a little something for everyone.  Exciting switchbacks for Mikee to drive, pretty scenery for Cami, a roller coaster of a drive for the kiddos.  Still, route 81 has great vista of the mountains, and we rode through a lightning storm while at a high elevation riding through Mt Airy, NC.  (any Andy Griffith fans out there?)

Was it hot?  Oh yeah baby.  India pointed out the outside temp as we were riding at 101!  By the time I got the camera out it had gone all the way down to 100.  Shucks.  🙂  Thank you air conditioned car!

Funniest line of the day:

A slightly grumpy Ginger Kitty in need of a nap telling us, “I wish I could get eated by a bear.”

Oh, and here we are a couple days before our departure at our dear friend Jess and Scott’s wedding.

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  • Aunti Em June 28, 2010, 10:36 pm

    Hey! Don’t knock nell’s IBTB that way! The pics are fantastic, as is the monologue. Thank you! Where did the time go so that you were 4 hours late? Just BR breaks? wowzers. I remember Nell and I driving to the farm to visit you when you were there, and, welp, she simply would NOT stop the car for me. Nope, wouldn’t do it. To the farm. No bathroom. 🙂

    Thank you for the updates! Can’t wait to read more of them!
    Em and Ad

  • Nell July 4, 2010, 1:15 pm

    It’s mostly true M! So then who was the mysterious little sister with the IBTWB really? hee hee.

    We too love the beautiful farm views on 81. That part of the drive was the “vacation” portion of the hurricane relief trip to mississississippi 🙂 The mississippi “highway” along the coast was small too, but I don’t believe the speed limit was as sLow, oh, that’s right, the speed limit signs were blown away by Katrina.

    Hang in there Kitty, and glad you didn’t get eated by a bear. When you get home I’m going to eated you all up with hugs & kisses!!!

    As GNorm would say “tanti amore e baci”, Auntie N and Uncle J.

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