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We just left Warren, Arkansas.  Yes, we are part of the Warren, RI cong and my friend Rhonda Lou is in Warren, Arkansas.  (we also both have husbands named Mike, have kids born just a month apart, work in school, oh! and I walk in her door and notice that she has the same comforter on her bed that I just purchased for mine)  Weird but true.

We have been here the better part of a week.  The kids are totally settled into a routine.  All the bags have been unpacked, kids have been in the pool and riding round on the tractor, I learned to make buttermilk biscuits (mmm…), we have been circling the Sonic.  It’s been good.

Our Ginger Kitty had so much fun with “her cousin” Petunia.

District convention is always special -and this year it was super cool to attend with Mercers.

Austin was missing working with Papa -that’s their thing.  Thanks to Mike M and David for taking him under your wing.  He had fun helping out -and he made a great new friend with Tyler.
We also sat near Justin Owen and his family.  We haven’t seen each other since before we all had kiddos.

We won’t post any convention spoilers -but now we have a concern that our wagon cart is loaded up with too much stuff for this trip.  🙂

…and a couple other photos just for fun.

Thanks to Mike for being our Wasp (the size of small birds) Sentry as we kick back on the porch.

Rhonda and Carly -did you find your special presents?  Keep them close to you -that’s how close you are in my heart.  sniff sniff.  We’ll be Skyping soon.

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  • Rhonda July 8, 2010, 8:40 pm

    Thanks for the “beautiful” presents you left behind……..really……..thanks. Carly doesn’t want me to mention where you left hers, but she does want you to know she found it! She was delighted! You don’t think everyone will asume we live in that little playhouse, do you? And that the mower is not our main source of transportation!?!
    So very nice to have your family here with us. We miss you already but have some great memories to reflect on. It was if a wonderful breeze swept through (although it did come from the NORTH, Yikes!) Love each and every one of you to pieces!!!


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