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Hittin’ the road from Arkansas to see Tom and Tamar outside Dallas in Plano, TX.

It’s funny watching what comes up on the road –besides squished armadillos. We passed a place called Big Toys For Big Boys -they sell rodeo equipment.  Went through towns with populations posted of 160.  Lots of horse farms.  Big sky.  Cattle ranches.  Big Tex Trailers.  Also, football is serious stuff.  We passed a couple stadiums that are shiny, new, and look like they are for college football, but they are just high school football arenas.

Driving through Texarcana made us think of friends back home that came from “these here parts”.  Margie, my very first baby doll was named after you.  Vicki and Sherri -we’re so glad you ended our out East where we could meet you.

Funniest line of the day:

India asked how long we will drive to get to Dallas and Mikee told her about 5 1/2 hours.  She said, “Oh, this will be an easy day.”  (the girl is born to road trip)

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