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…is what the odometer read when we pulled into the driveway here in Ajijic, Mexico.

We learned a couple things from our journey so far:

1. We can survive just about anything -with a sense of humor.

2. The culture shock hits you on the back of the head immediately.

3. Once you catch your breath you realize the people are really very nice.

4. Walmart down here stinks.  (it’s expensive and has cheap-o stuff)  Austin would like to add, “Really!  A little 3” Toy Story alien cost $16!)

5. The local markets rock!

6. Our kids could go anywhere in the world -as long as there is a pool.

7. India learned that lemons look like limes on the tree before the totally ripen.

8. Austin learned that you can swim anytime of the year here.

9. Ginger Kitty learned that she has a lot of kitty cousins all over the place.

10. We have a.w.e.s.o.m.e kiddos!

PS- hey, we were expecting Em & Add to be here waiting for us.  😉

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  • Nell July 13, 2010, 11:22 pm

    HELLOOOOO everybody…love you lots and lots and lots and lots & lots.

    Thank you so very much for the updates and continued glimpse into your
    adventure. Keep it up!!! You’re doing great.

    tanti amore e baci
    Auntie Nellie

  • Bro. Mike McBride July 14, 2010, 2:28 pm

    Hey Enos family, we sure appreciate your coming down to Mexico to deliver the public talk and associate with our little english congregation here in Ajijic Jalisco. Were sad you heading off to discover great and wonderful things about this beautiful country but glad you came here for a while.

    Here in this part of Mexico the English interest in the truth is vibrant, there are many Bible Studies being conducted in surrounding towns and cities which means there is great opportunity to starting groups. It’s similar to the desert, before it rains the desert is so desolate but with a little water beautiful flowers pop up everywhere, likewise we are so glad to witness Jehovah watering this Mexican field; because we so enjoy the beautiful spiritual flowers that are poping up everywhere we work. (71 BS this month in the cong) So come back and enjoy the field as it is ripe for harvesting.

    O.K., don’t forget us and we’ll keep a watch on the horizon for you guys too.

    Your Brothers;
    Mike n Elaine McBride

  • Armadillo October 22, 2010, 9:26 pm

    This was awesome

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