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(read to the tune of the Bill Cosby’s “Dad is great.  He feeds us chocolate cake.”)

We have been fans of Sype for a long while.  Mikee has employees in Philipines, Italy, Pakistan -they all communicate through Skype.  When Auntie Nellie, Uncle Jeff, Grampy Norm were in Italy, we all had fun chatting via Skype with video.  Mikee and I both work at home and we Skype from upstairs/downstairs during the day back and forth.   We even use it as in intercom to communicate with Jessica in our basement apartment.

Since we are 3400 miles away from home, Skype has been a great way to stay close.  It makes the distance just disappear to be able to see the person you are speaking too.  It’s like being in the same room.  (just be sure you are dressed appropriately before hitting the “answer” button)  It also is great for quick messages back and forth.

Of course, the King Of Skype title goes to Grampy Norm.  He has so many friends in little spots all over the world he keeps in touch with and I don’t think he could live without it.

To sign up is super easy.  AND IT’S FREE!!!

The conversations are clearer than a telephone.  You can even use it to call regular phones anywhere in the world for about 3 cents a minute.  Just go to skype.com to sign up.  If your computer does not already have a webcam or microphone built in you can get them from amazon.com for about $20.

Skype.  Turning miles into smiles.  🙂

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  • Tom and Tamar Sparks July 22, 2010, 7:10 pm

    Hi guys are you the same time as us –here in Texas. We will look for you on Skype!!! love you, tnt

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