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What a pretty city!  Hotter than anywhere the devil himself would want to be.

We stayed right in the center of town (thank you Mikee and Hotwire.com for getting us a first class hotel for peanuts) along the Riverwalk.  A pretty and unique feature of this town.  You walk down to the level of the Riverwalk -it’s cooler and pretty and there are all sorts of little cafes and shops along it.

The city itself has a lot of history, art and culture.

We walked 5 block to where the Alamo is.  This building that has a marked spot in history and sports the names of heros such as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.  When most visitors see the Alamo for the first time, their common reaction is “Hmmm, I thought it would be bigger.”  It is right in the center of the city.

The kiddos fav part of San Antonio was… Seaworld!!!

You probably know that we are total roller coaster freaks.  Love ’em.  Have traveled to destinations just to ride ’em.  Well, it seems that gene has been passed to our kiddos too.  (we never press them to ride too early when they might be too scared -just gentle introductions to different ones when they are excited)

Austin is already a seasoned rider.  He’s been riding Superman at Six Flags since he was 8.

India experienced her first real coasters this week.  She has been bitten by the bug and is totally hooked.

Even Selena was riding the small scale coaster -with her hands in the air and a smile of pure joy.

The best fun we had was standing in the splash (read: wall of refreshing cold water) zone of the Atlantis ride.  Instant cool down and just plain FUN!

[youtube g-nwbKBv0bo]

We do love the animals here as much as the coasters and spent a lot of time visiting the dolphins and walking through a shark/reef tank.

Mikee also found us a great deal on those tickets.  I only say this about the great deals because if you are reading you might be thinking how expensive all these extras are.  And yes, they are expensive.  But if you have a family and you still want to try some interesting fun, there are great ways to cut your expenses in half.  Our hotel was a $400/nt Crowne Plaza in the most desirable part of the city -but we paid less than 25% of that!  Seaworld tickets have an online discount code that let us buy an adult ticket at regular price and and additional ticket for just $5.  Then for the 5th ticket we had a $10 off the price of a child.  (well, a child ticket.  an actual child is much more expensive)

Texas is HOT!!!  But everyone stayed cool and hydrated and there was no drama.

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  • Ellice August 9, 2010, 2:07 pm

    Hi guys! I’ve loved your reading about your adventures! And it was great getting to know you all and hope to see you again! Your stay in San Antonio sounds a lot like how we spent our time there – the Riverwalk, the Alamo, AND Sea World – which we also abosolutely love!!! Hoep the rest of your travels are safe and I’ll keep checking back!
    BTW – my friend was not able to help with that favor you asked about a friend. I’m sorry about that. : (

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