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Time is different in Mexico.

We are people whose life is ruled by clocks and deadlines.  Not in Mexico.  You may have heard of the term “manana” and know that means tomorrow.  Well, it also can mean “not today”.  Everything does get done -but minus the crazy rush.  We rented a home that had everything …but the only clock in the entire home is on the microwave.  And when we arrived it didn’t even have the correct time!

I also just figured out why my internal clock was always off.  We are early risers -often with or just before the sun.  The sunrise and sunset are 7:29am and 8:39pm.  Which seems off.  We met a very science oriented person who explained to me that we are actually in the wrong time zone in Lake Chapala area.  If you look at where we are on a map (look below Guadalajara to find Lake Chapala) you will notice how far west we are and should actually be in Mountain time but we are still in Central Time Zone which we entered right after leaving Georgia.  So it should actually be an hour earlier than it is right now.  (did i get that right? yes.  sorry – get confused easily)  Interesting.  Maybe more for me than you -but it solved the mystery of getting up in the morning)

Right now the days are longer at home.  The further from the equator the more difference there is in this balancing act of light and dark.  (think how in the north there are times when the sun does not set for days and then how it is also dark for days)  But down in Mexico we were closer to the equator and there is less of a dramatic difference in amount of daylight through the seasons.

If you do the math -there is still more light down in Mexico.

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