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We are on the road again.


We have just grown to love the gypsy life so much that we figure, hey, who needs a home?  😉  Actually, we only have to drive about 4 hours to our destination of Morelia today.  I am curious to see this city that is known as a picturesque colonial Mexican city.

There is a special assembly day there Sunday for the circuit of English congregations we are part of.  We will stay in a hotel tonight and tomorrow night.

It’s going to feel so luxurious to ONLY travel 4 hours.  And we have SO MUCH SPACE in here.  All we have is just a single suitcase, a bag of toothbrushes stuff, and a cooler.  WooHoo!  And some jackets because the temps might go all the way down to the 50s. 🙂

Mikee is enjoying having full visibility out of ALL the windows.

(BTW, we have the hardest time finding our car in a parking lot now that the roof carrier off)

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  • Lori Bory January 11, 2011, 2:11 am

    Are you pushing the panic button on the car so it will tell you where it is? (I admit it, I do it when the shopping center is packed and I’ve been in there a long time, no harm no foul!)

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