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OUR FIRST WEEK part I …or, nothing works

For the last 5 months we have only had a couple pictures of the house to know what to expect.  Back in August we were in the house for just about 20 minutes when we did our whole “house hunters international” look for a place to rent thing.  The main reason we chose this house was that it has plenty of room, is bright and cheery, and it has the most fantastic view.  Being funished was a helpful thing too.  We only had to bring down 1 bed, an entertainment center, and a couple bureaus for funishings.  Everything else (beds, couches, tables, etc) is already in the house.

But… one must remember that the way things work in Mexico is that often they don’t.

The first thing we need to get all set in the house is… the bathrooms.  There are 3.  One of the bathrooms is locked and a key is needed to get inside.  The next day we contact the manager of the property to get a locksmith out.  He gets the door open in a couple minutes.  (we still don’t have a key for that door)  When we get into the room there is no water in the toilet.  Hmmm…  Mikee fixed it.  For some reason the toilet was turned off because the water would just keep running.  I think instead of fixing the toilet it was easier just to lock the bathroom so we wouldn’t use it.  Of course, one of the other toilets was clogged.  And the plunger was in the bathroom that was locked.  So we had just one bathroom to use for a day.

"Teddy said it was a hat..." Shel Silverstein

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  • Lori Bory January 11, 2011, 3:55 am

    I have never had more than one bathroom in my whole life. I don’t ever want to have to clean more than one bathroom. So is that the only problem in paradise?

    • admin January 11, 2011, 2:21 pm

      hey lory. 🙂 i don’t mind having 1 bathroom. it’s the smelly mess going on in the other 2 driving me crazy. not a fan of cleaning 3 bathrooms either so the plan is there is one for the kiddos one for mikee & me and the 3rd is just for guests. ps…what’s the snow situation? is there some good sledding in your future?

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