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WE HAVE A PET!!! -part 2 (by India)

You might have heard about the frog that lives in our bathtub but we have a new pet.  We found these pets the other night when we were playing on the patio.  It was starting to get  dark and we heard a squeak and all of a sudden, like, 30 bats come out of the roof tiles and flew right above our heads. You might think I was scared but I thought it was actually funny.  Austin and Kitty and me were all so surprised that we just started laughing.  Kitty’s eyes were open so wide they were like the size of a baseball.  I kind of like the bats because they eat all the pesty bugs but sometimes they are annoying.  In the daytime you will never ever see them.  But at night they all come out.  We don’t have any pictures because they are so fast.  They won’t be here for too much longer because we had a guy come and he is going to put mothballs in the roof so they won’t live there anymore.  But, well, I kind of will miss the bats.  We might can get it on video for you to see.

There are some things I like about being here.  There are some things I am not sure about yet.  The bats are in the middle of those 2.  I like all the sun and that it’s warm.  It’s not like at home in Massachusetts at all and I miss home.  But I am getting used to it.  And I can’t wait for the truck to come with all our stuff.

(we keep trying to get the bats on video, but we always seem to miss them)

[youtube ZFJKdX3kU8Y]

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  • Judy Hague January 18, 2011, 5:01 pm

    We miss you all but are also so happy for you at the same time! Your right India, bats do eat a lot of mosquitoes! Thats why I love having them in my backyard. The area sounds wonderful and I could really get used to the prices of fresh food! Stop and Shop has become my nemesis =(
    I hope your reunited with your familiar things soon…..I promise you I didn’t hold them hostage here, although I was tempted to do anything to keep such a great neighbor and friend!
    I will check back soon, meantime get some sun for me and have a great time!

  • Jill January 18, 2011, 7:09 pm

    Dear India,
    I am not afraid of bats either but they aren’t as cute as your “frog” pet. When we lived in Austin, Texas, we would go down to the Congress Avenue Bridge when the sun was just setting. That’s when the bats wake up and are hungry and start flying around. You have to check out the website and see this incredible sight of millions of bats that live under this bridge. Here is the website.If you need help ask Austin or your parents to help you see this!! http://www.austincityguide.com/content/congress-bridge-bats-austin.asp
    You can also “google” Congress Bridge Bats and it will come up.

    Bats eat mosquitos and that’s why I like them. One time when I lived at Watchtower Farm, my friend Marion and I were cleaning the outside of a hous. There were about 6 of us working but my friend Marion was standing behind me. We saw the bat come out and it started flying toward us. She got so upset, she threw me down to the ground and I ate a pile of dirt. I guess the bat just flew by. We all laughed after I cleaned the dirt out of my nose!

    Hope you keep finding new things and we are glad you are exploring and having fun.
    Jill (Cameron’s Mom)

  • Jen January 19, 2011, 12:18 am

    We have “pet” bats too! They visit us during the summer just as the sun is setting. It’s fun to watch them, and yes they sure are fast!

    Have fun on your adventures in your new home!

  • Lori Borys January 19, 2011, 12:41 am

    Sorry to hear you are going to be dislodging the bats. We have some here in the summer and we turly enjoy them. We’ve spent hours in the pool at dusk watching them above us consuming all of the mosquitos. Of course you’re might not even be bug eathing bats as there are also fruit eating ones. I’m not sure how the tiles work or if there is a way they could get into the house from under them but I’m all for leaving native things where they are , especially if they’ve found a way to survive despite the human invasion.

    • admin January 19, 2011, 2:33 am

      There hasn’t been a decision to send them to a new home yet. We like having them and they don’t bother anyone. But, they do leave little toodle residue on our terrace where the kiddos walk barefoot. They worked hard to make a nice home in the warm roof tiles and we will probably let them stay.

  • auntie nellie January 19, 2011, 12:43 am

    India, Uncle Jeff & I loved your commentary, nice job 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the bats with us and thank you for sharing your feelings about your adventure with us. We miss you but we know you’re seeing some very unique and beautiful things.
    Is there a bell tower nearby? In your video of the bats the outdoors sounded so very lovely. Makes me feel like I’m sitting next to you listening to the great outdoors. Our outdoors is very white here, it was snowing again this morning when we woke up, school for you would’ve been cancelled for sure.
    Love you lots & lots & lots sweetie. Please give a big hug to your mom & dad, and austin & kitty for me. Auntie Nellie

  • Danielle January 19, 2011, 6:58 pm

    we love bats too, India! We have lots of bats at our house. In the summer, Kyla and Peep and I like to sit outside in the evening and watch them fly zippy corkscrews. I think they’re kinda cute. Like winged little pig-nosed mice. Everyone likes pigs and mice, why not bats? 😉

  • Mrs Kelly January 20, 2011, 10:48 pm

    I hope you get this, and that I posted it correctly… I only like PAPER bats!.. No bats here these days.. more snow tonight! Miss you all..xxoo

    • admin January 20, 2011, 11:27 pm

      we did get your comment miss missy. thank you! and so nice to hear from you. i hope you are staying warm. xoxo

  • Dean January 20, 2011, 11:12 pm

    We like our bats too. Hopefully if yours have to move they won’t have to go too far. That way they can still eat your pesty bugs. Also, I really want to know what happened to the frog.

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