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…or (sung to the tune of 99 bottles of beer on the wall)

“279 boxes in the house, 279 boxes.  one gets unpacked.  look what we found.  278 more boxes in the house.”

This week there have been several friends who asked, “So are you all unpacked yet?”

Not sure how to respond to that in a nonaggressive manner.  🙂

How about…

-No way Jose

-Not even close

-or just, “HA HA HA HA”

Just over a week ago, 279 boxes were unloaded off a truck into our home.

Do you know what 279 boxes looks like?

These pictures show less then 1/4 of what we have still to unpack.  We keep working at it.

Our days here are pretty full, too.  It’s true that we are not having to spend our days shoveling snow, but the first priority was to get Mikee’s office set up.  And catch up on some work.  And get the kids in school.  And figure out where to buy cell phones.

Plus, everything in Mexico just takes longer.  So a couple errands (which we have lots of right now) end up taking all day.

Such as… when Mikee plugs in one of his computer back up power supply we get an error message that there is something kooky in the wiring.  Get out some tools and figure it out.  Then, find out that some of the outlets we are using are for 2 prong plugs.  Seriously?  This is not even an old house.

The good news?  We probably have about 40 boxes unpacked.

40 get unpacked.  look what we found.  only 238 more boxes in the house.

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  • DAD January 29, 2011, 10:33 pm


  • Emily January 30, 2011, 1:00 pm

    How bout now? Are you all unpacked NOW? 🙂

  • Rebecca and George Duarte February 2, 2011, 3:17 pm

    I won’t even ask if you’ve gotten unpacked, lets just say 4 years in the same house and we have three boxes that haven;t been unpacked Hope that makes you feel better : )

  • Missy Mills February 3, 2011, 7:03 am

    It took me about 2months to unpack from an 18day trip to Europe. So, I won’t ask.
    Granted, we didn’t need any of those clothes which made it easy to forget about them!

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