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Whew!  Our friends and family on the East Coast have had a crazy week.

First an earthquake!

Almost unheard of.

Some friends felt the shaking and others came home to pictures kind of askew and some dishes on the floor.  Either way it was felt by our friends in Rhode Island and on down to North Carolina.

Then hurricane Irene had everyone’s attention.

The normal areas that are used to storm surges and flooding issues from storms went into their normal preparedness mode.

But then to shut down New York City.  It takes something like a terrorist attack for that.

Evacuation of low lying areas in and around the city.  Mass transit shut down on Saturday at noon.  All shows on Broadway and the baseball games cancelled/postponed.

I was listening to Mayor Bloomburg’s appeal to evacuate.  He said that some might feel they are safe since they live on the 10th floor and no water can get up that high.  But if there is an emergency (medical, no electricity, transportation) no one can get to you.  Elevators won’t work.  Flying glass on the streets would keep vehicles or helicopters unavailable.  He admonished everyone to please obey the law.

A deserted Grand Central Station, NYC

Glad to hear people took this seriously.  This has been the year of insane snow storms, killer tornadoes, freaky flooding.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Someone emailed me this the other day as they were getting ready for the hurricane…

How is to live for days without electricity????  Just curious. lol
hehehe.  Since we have kind of become experts on this, here are some things we do…  Keep the freezer door closed!  (I also keep bottles of water frozen and packed in there.  It’s possible to last a couple days.)  Have an extra propane tank for the grill.  Have buckets of water handy for flushing the toilets.  (this works if you have an idea the electricity will be off.  ours catches us by surprise usually.)  Keep bottles of water just for hand washing.  And we try to keep up on dishes and laundry because I hate having dirty ones around and no way to clean them.
Does that help? :)

Have you heard of “Go Bags”?  We keep them as do many many people down here in Mexico.  Maybe living in a foreign county helps us not to sit back and take anything for granted.  The kids actually had fun packing them.  We keep them in a convenient spot, ready to grab and go.

They looked a little concerned when we first packed them.  Here’s the deal- we keep first aid kits in the car and in the house, we keep a spare tire and compressor in the car, we keep candles around.  Why?  So that if something does happen we are prepared to deal with it.  Is that scary?  Nope.  Actually it helps to alleviate fear.

Maybe you are interested in packing one too.

ANYWAY… hope this next week is not as eventful.

Give us a shout out that you are ok and how things were in your corner of the world.

***check out these photos***


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  • Tony Cardillo August 29, 2011, 7:08 pm

    Other than some heavy surf it missed us in FL altogether!Of course hurricane season has just begun so we will remain on high alert.

  • Rebecca and George Duarte August 30, 2011, 8:15 am

    We (I mean George and me) are ok. We hunkered down, lost lots of tree limbs and we were watching one of our trees with great trepidation as it was blowing toward our home, it still stands. Unfortunately all of our friends in Barrington and Bristol are totally without power. The Kingdom Hall in Warren no power. But none of the friends were hurt and for the most part no server damage to any of there homes. You can see the power of Jehovah has at it hands. Its Humbling for sure.
    Love Becca

  • DAD August 30, 2011, 9:34 am


  • Ellice Skretvedt August 31, 2011, 7:30 am

    We were away during Irene but they mentioned our little town of Washington on MSNBC as being under water. So we were not surprised when we got home and the car we left behind was flooded. In fact, there’s still water in it now! Other than that, there were a lot of tree branches down but we got that cleaned up yesterday. We have power, though some still do not. All in all, everyone seems to be ok!

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