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We were very excited to finally pick up Mikee at the airport after our eventful week. We had lots of stories for him and he brought back lots of goodies for us.

(like hummingbird feeders that cost $4 in the States and $30 here, watercolor paints for the kids that cost $1 in the States and $7 here, and some other fun goodies too like Mikee’s anniversary gift to himself of a new tennis racket.)

They see Mikee just on the other side of customs/security

Guadalajara International Airport

The night we walked into the flooded house I was just too tired to really figure out what to do. The next morning we were able to get a lot cleaned up and I was feeling that we were all set. In the days since I have stuff all over the place and out in the sun to dry. It seems like everytime I try to put something away it still has moisture in it. This is not a tragedy but my frustration and exhaustion have been kicking me in the butt.

The house is still holding a lot of moisture. At first I was thinking how good it is we don’t have wood or carpet. But guess what? The cement walls and stone floors absorbed so much water that you can see the moisture going up and feel it in the air. So, we are working to get that taken care of. Yes, it’s kind of dry here but we don’t have breezes and must run fans for air flow -which makes for an “out of this world” electric bill.

So, we are working our way through yet another “adventure.” 🙂

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  • DAD October 1, 2011, 9:14 am


  • nicole palanzi October 1, 2011, 3:09 pm

    So sorry about the water adventure, but I have to say you have a great read for all of us back home (u.s.) thanks for the updates. Miss you! Love you!

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