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Views from above (by India)

I like looking out the window of the airplane.  There is such a great view.

When we fly over the mountains it reminds me of the board game Life because there are many little bumps for mountains.  The mountains in Mexico are very tall.  But they look so tiny from up in the air.

Flying over the clouds made me think of a painting.


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  • Auntie Nellie February 25, 2012, 1:35 pm

    me too…me too…and, me too.
    funny, but never do get tired of the view from above. it’s such an ahh-ha feeling to realize how small we are and how vast the skies and planet are…and yet we are each of us individually STILL of interest to Someone even more vast.
    mmm, to think we possess a power to make His heart rejoice?…truly amazing!
    keep smiling, love you so very, very, very much.
    Aarrrrrr! that was a big hug for you and your family 🙂

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