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LEGOLAND (by Austin, India & Ginger Kitty)

We did a whole ton of cool things on this trip but one that tops the charts is…

*\o/* *\o/* *\o/* LEGOLAND FLORIDA!!! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*


Wow!  I get to go first.  I never get to go first.  Usually I am in the middle.

OK.  So where do I want to start?  (because I’M FIRST!)  🙂

When my family first started to plan this trip and I found out we were going to Legoland, I was SO excited.

Did I like it?  I LOVED IT!!!

My favorite ride is a coaster called Flying School.

[youtube 7cU5Oqxqqps]

Do you think this sign is funny?  Would you even think of jumping off your seat?

People who remember Cypress Gardens will remember the scenes like this…

Legoland was built on the original Cypress Gardens property and they kept a lot of the feel of Cypress Gardens.  Instead of the original Southern Belles walking around you can see these…

When you are walking into the gardens area they decorated the landscape with lego statues…

There was this pretty waterfall (notice the deer)...


...with cute "water gophers" (otters) on one side...


...and friendly fox family on the other side.


Ready to go explore the jungle


Staying on the winding pathway


Either this plant is giant or I shrunk to a midget


This banyan tree was brought to the park in 1936. It is unbelievably humungous!


My family next to one part of the tree


Mmm... APPLE FRIES. They were de-licious!

This "artist" is as tall as my mom

Guess who spotted REDBEARD first? MEEE!!!


Some of you might know that I LOVE LEGOs. I could totally spend all day building with them! So you can imagine how excited I was walking into a LEGO theme park!

You may wonder what’s so special about LEGOLAND. True, LEGOLAND has cool rides, but the coolest thing is that there were  statues and models made completely out of LEGOs! Some of them were pretty cool.

What happens to tourists if they stay past closing time...

A Ford Explorer


(My personal favorite) A giant Albert Einstein head.


Ummm, no comment.


They had some cool Minifigure models.

My favorite area is called Miniland, USA. They had huge models of famous US cities made out of…

yep, you guessed it, LEGOs!

Heres some pics.

Something special about Miniland is that it’s outside. However, it takes lots of people to help deal with things like trimming grass, or picking up models birds knocked over, or dealing with bird poop.

Cleaning up America...

The Lincoln Memorial


Look at all the detail.


Look how big the buildings at Times Square were!


Washington DC


New York (small version)


New York (Big Version)


Cape Canaveral

Audience at Daytona 500.


[youtube 0P_pi5dA7G4]


 [youtube K8tVPrZ0ogU]

That is what I liked about LEGOLAND!

-Austin 8)



People think that little kids can’t ride coasters.  You know what?


I loved the rides at Legoland.  There were even 3 ROLLER COASTERS that I rode and they were great!

We met the princess of Lego Kingdom

The entrance for my favorite roller coaster. We rode it a million times!

Betcha didn't know how much I love Egypt & mummies & pharaoh.

My favorite ride is when Momma and Dad swing me.  But I also liked the other rides too.  And I got my driver’s license.  And I made a friend called “FLUFF” when we walked in the woods.


[youtube 7x8DnCuU7ro]

[youtube pHRqsuQSq0E]

[youtube NjlX8OG2YD4]

[youtube IFMXIse6gIo]

[youtube d6Nwt5DVnVE]





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  • Tony February 28, 2012, 8:58 pm

    Wow I live here in Florida and didn’t know that much about legoland.Thank you for the tour.

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