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So many exciting people and places.  Can you tell the kiddos had a great time?

Austin noticed something special about our stops.  Many people they have met and kiddos they are buds with are from friendships that go way back to people we met while doing volunteer work in New York 20 years ago.  When we get together we have lots of fun stories and memories to laugh at.  Now the next generation is building friendships and getting ready to have adventures of their own.

We have noticed that some people do not allow themselves the gift of getting to know new people.  Maybe they feel nervous.  Maybe they feel that people move often and it’s not worth it.  Maybe they are protecting secret identities. That is kind of a shame and they are missing out on some true joy in life.  (not to mention encouragement to keep on doing what is right)

People are interesting and amazing and crazy and frustrating.  Some people you meet and form an instant bond.  Some you need a little time as you get to respect each other first and then start to form a bond.  Either way we are grateful to have crossed paths with many wonderful special people.

Yes, on this trip the kiddos went to some fun places and saw some cool things.  But they mostly remember the people!  New friends.  Old friends.

Oh, and a trip to Rhode Island is really also about the food!  I don’t know of many other places we have been that can compare to the food back there.  Lots of international cuisine.  Not to mention the fresh seafood and amazing italian food and the scrumptious bakeries.  We didn’t get to all the places on our list but we filled our bellies pretty well.  Was too busy eating to take pictures, but here are a couple…

Now THIS is a real salad!

Cake from Greggs -7 layers of chocolate heaven

Hot weiners from Rod's. Rod's and Eats -it's a close call which I like best.

One time I actually ate 13 hot weiners here. Won the contest!

Ginger Kitty's most favorite thing -a pink frosted Dunkin Donut

Chowda and clamcakes

Ricottis spinach pies and Willow Tree chicken salad. mmm...

Jess B's red velvet cupcakes with cute little bunny slipper decorations

…sorry, I get distracted thinking of some of the delicious food.  OK, back to business.

…so, we left DC and started our way up to NY.  We made a stop along the way to meet up with a new “old friend” and enjoy some quick time together.  Thanks so much Frannie for the delicious homemade crab cakes (can’t make it through Maryland without them) and the sweet goody bags for the kiddos, but mostly for the gift of time we were able to spend together.  Hope we can do that again and linger longer.  🙂

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Frannie!

We made it to Wallkill NY that night and had fun unpacking the full car and snacking in our “bethel hotel room” before we all crashed for the night.  We spent 2 nights at Bethel and this let us have the treat of enjoying morning worship on Tuesday and Wednesday.  (by the way, I do think congratulations are in order for getting this whole troupe out of the room by 6:40 each morning -all dressed and ready to go)  Thanks so much Super Dave and Terrific Trish!  We loved every minute -and as always, we look forward to seeing you again.

It makes my heart smile to see my kiddos feel right at home at Bethel.  Maybe someday we will visit and THEY will be the ones to take us on tour or host us for lunch.  ::sigh::

Wednesday was a marathon day -in dress clothes.  (and heels)  We made it to 7am breakfast, said our good-byes (not really good-bye, more like “see ya later”) and loaded up the car and on the road to make it to Patterson NY by 11am.  While there we had a very special tour of the Gilead classrooms.  It was a real treat to have lunch with Grampy Norm.  (we also had fun bumping into some old friends -so many)  I am smiling just thinking about it.  Our friend Jane was not able to meet us at Patterson so we went and popped in on her.  Then, we hit the road again to finally reach Rhode Island!!!  After some traffic and potty stops and McD’s sweat tea we pulled into the Warren Kingdom Hall at 7:28pm.  It was so fun and felt so cool to walk into a place that we know so well.  The kiddos had lots of fun catching up with so many friends.

Our photo we take each time we visit with the vintage witnessing bags

That is the Warwick NY property on the bottom right

Where Austin wants to work someday

Where India wants to work someday

Where Ginger Kitty wants to work someday

Look who we bumped into ...and learned some Swahili at the same time

Walkway Over the Hudson -1.25 mi long & most of that is 212 ft above the Hudson River. This is said to be the world's longest and highest pedestrian bridge.

Breakfast with Super Dave & Terrific Trish -best hosts ever!

Kitty and her new buddies Sarah & Jason

The girls and Julie

Leaving Wallkill 🙁

We can't wait to see Grampy Norm

Hooray! We found him!

In one of the Gilead classrooms

Checking out a slide from the Photo Drama Of Creation

We took a couple seconds for this photo from gobbling down yummy pumpkin pie

Thank you Ed and Diana for the special tour

A quick stop to see a dear friend before hitting the road for R.I.

At 7:28 pm we pulled into the Kingdom Hall parking lot (notice the huge smiles)


The rest of the trip flew by in such a flash of visiting and eating and shopping and eating and catching up with family & friends and eating.  We had 2 weeks with the family and could easily have had 2 more.  But we did the best we could to spend some nice time really visiting.  Still, we were not able to see everyone we wanted.  🙁  We sure did try our best.

After ransacking the house where we were staying with all our luggage...

...the kiddos immediately found a patch of snow

First thing- breakfast with Grammy and Papa

And some fresh air

The family

Ginger Kitty, India & Addison

Addison -- My favorite first grader

Here he is

My sis, Nellie

My sis, Emily (and Auntie Donna, "cousin" Lauren) and me

Chatting away with Grammy

Squishing Papa

Rube Goldberg machine at Boston Museum of Science

We went with Jordie and Katrina

India with her girlfriend "Kontrina"

India with her girlfriend Becca

Austin, Tatum, India, Portia, Selena, Stella -buddies since before they were born

Our friends we stayed with (that cutie pie in the back is India's good friend Hailey)


It was a huge endeavor to take this trip and we love all of you so much.  Now you can have the fun of coming and visiting us here.  😉

Our trip home was scheduled to take us from Boston to Dallas/Ft Worth to Guadalajara and get in nearly at midnight.  While in Dallas they need 6 seats to get bumped.  Of course Mikee went and was first to volunteer our 5 seats.  This meant we were able to score ticket vouchers for us each to use for a future flight along with being put up in a hotel and meal vouchers.  Our trip was altered to fly the next morning to Mexico City and then Guadalajara.

Have you flown over Mexico City?  It is amazing!  Humungous.  Reaching out into mountains.  Snow capped mountains!

We came home to find that 3 of our palm trees had mysteriously been chopped and the remains left in the yard.  Not cool.  We think we have figured out what happened but won’t waste your time with that story.  Austin called it our, “Welcome back to Mexico” gift.

Hanging out in the airport just playing games

Let the unpacking begin





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  • Elly March 22, 2012, 9:37 am

    Loved, loved, loved the pictures! You guys had an unbelievable trip! Wish I could have spent more time with you all. Camille, our petit chat in Rite Aid was greatly appreciated by me!

  • Kellie @ Three Li'l Princesses March 23, 2012, 4:33 am

    What a great trip! Loved looking at all the pix.
    Those food photos have made me feel incredibly hungry now! 😉

  • DAD March 23, 2012, 9:43 am


  • Debbie Mojica March 23, 2012, 11:54 am

    Yum, yum. I’m so hungry now! Now I know why we never see cars with license plates from Rhode Island. Rhode Islanders don’t ever leave. Why go anywhere when you have food that yummy!

  • Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom April 4, 2012, 8:34 am

    What a beautiful family and what a fabulous adventure! I loved seeing all of your pictures – you’re a great photographer! It takes a brave person to move their family – what a story you have!

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