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One of the things we love about living here in Mexico is there is almost always a reason to hear fireworks.

It seems that every week is some holiday of one kind or another and that means random parades and fireworks -well, random to us since we don’t always know what they are for.  We have become accustomed to stopping for the traffic.  Sometimes we are even stuck as part of the parade.

We hear boom-booms in the early morning hours and middle of afternoon and after dark.  Usually we do not get the bright, starburst, light up the sky fireworks.  But sometimes we do.

(this picture was swiped from the internet)

Last night we were getting ready for bed and we heard…


Of course we all ran out to the terrace (remember, we live high on the mountain overlooking the small town below) and saw a fabulous display of color bursting right at eye level in front of us.

Not just the bright whites but also red and green fireworks.

“Where are your pictures Camille?  Where is the video?”

Sometimes we just have to stop and enjoy the moment.  It was brief and I wanted to spend it with my sweetie watching the show rather than running inside and then missing the fun.  Sorry.

If you really want to see some of this yourself, then come on down to visit

….and don’t forget to bring your camera.  😉


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  • Ellice April 4, 2012, 4:19 pm

    That is one of the things I miss – fireworks exploding in our front yard – so cool!

    Thinking of you this week… : )

  • DAD April 5, 2012, 9:59 am

    Enjoy simple things!


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