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Irony: an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected

Or in southern: what mighta could’ve been 😉

I feel like a part of our life is missing.  This blog has become a dear companion through our time living here in a foreign country.  There are several posts in the “draft” folder of WordPress right now.

The irony is that I actually have the opportunity to catch up a bit on the blog but my laptop with all the photos is currently up in the States with Mikee.

We are enjoying living here in Playa del Carmen.  To use the words beautiful or awesome to describe the surroundings are huge understatements.  We visited in August to check out the area (after having just moved to a new home) and as we boarded the plane back to Guadalajara, I had a slight panic attack at the realization that we had 23 days to pack up our life, spend time with some dear friends, sell off as much as we could, find a way to transport our boxes to come with us, map out the 3 1/2 day trip and get our little selves over here to our new home.

Then we arrived and, hey, it’s still Mexico so getting a new place set up takes time that all you readers in the efficient fancy countries up north cannot possibly fathom.

We had to renew our immigration paperwork.  This meant numerous trips to a gov’t office to pick up requirements that take up 4 pages PLUS handwritten required paperwork.  One day we arrived at the office to find the lights out.  They (a gov’t office) forgot to pay the electric bill and the power was shut off.

Then there is the day Mikee left the house at 10am to take care of immigration and ended up in an accident.  He is fine but the lady bumping into the rear bumper set off a chain of events (don’t move the car, don’t call the police, do get in touch with the insurance, she has no insurance so they all-together go get money, have the adjuster sign a bunch of papers…) that kept him until 7 that night!


It also took 3 more days of our taking public transportation around to check the work, wait for parts, and have the place fix their work.

The car was all fixed up and looking good for 3 glorious days before a freaky accident ended up SMASHING one of our rear windows.  🙁  More running around and looking for parts and dealing with car shops and a very expensive window.  Plus, the “sophisticated” look of driving around with a black plastic bag taped to the window.

Internet was a fun thing -that took nearly a month to get installed.

In between this we all kept getting sick.  Pneumonia for me.  Even a visit to the walk in clinic.  Every step forward has 2 steps back.

Catching the kiddos up with home school.  (we go from Amelia Bedelia with Ginger Kitty to Physics/Chemistry with Austin and back to Fractions with Miss India)

Oh, and there was a 6 day trip back to Guadalajara for our district convention.

And even some work!

On the plus side, we have enjoyed some nice visits with friends that have been visiting the area.  That is priceless!  What a treat to be able to walk over and check on the dolphins or visit some “out of this world” beaches.

Each of this fun adventures eats up an entire day.  So we are making progress but it takes time and patience.

We do love the people and the area and the house -and the dolphins and the sea turtles and the snorkeling and the beach.

Back to the irony.

We stay tuned into our family “back home” and like so many others they are all feeling the weight of life’s anxieties.  The trick is the timing of visiting the States and who will go and for how long.  So, for the past week, Mikee has been up in the States and we are looking forward to his return.  Then, the next day we head back to the airport on Cancun and it will be my turn to make a very special visit with a couple of very special people.

Here I am just itching to get onto my laptop and catch up the blog…

…but it is up north in the “fancy country.”

Isn’t that ironic?


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  • Sue Ann December 9, 2012, 7:56 pm

    Thanks for the update. We miss you all.

  • Dean Johnson December 9, 2012, 8:08 pm

    More irony – Mike is in Atlanta on business and calls to get together but I am out of town on business.

    • admin December 9, 2012, 8:34 pm

      @ Dean -exactly!!!

  • Lauren Bisbano December 9, 2012, 8:33 pm

    Hello Enos Family,
    Wow your adventures beat any I have heard worth listening to. You guys are certainly filled with adventure. Glad you are all settled in Playa del Carmen. Looks and sounds beautiful. Dolphins amazing. Say hello to all and Jehovah continue to bless your family.
    Christian love

  • Elly December 10, 2012, 8:22 am

    Well…despite all the drama in your life, you’ll be getting ALL your mail. I hope your enjoy all the “goodies” Mike is bringing back. Love you all!

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