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Of all the hassles that daily life offers, it’s a wonderful thing to find something that actually makes life easier.

Mikee and I are huge fans of kayak.com.


We have been working out the details of traveling back to the US for a couple things.  For several months we were tossing around who would go and how long the trip would be and what we would be doing.

The final decision…

Mikee leaves on a Wednesday morning and heads to Atlanta for a couple days before continuing onto Rhode Island.  We will miss him but will do our best to survive.  He comes back to us the following Monday and then on Tuesday I will hop on the plane to head up to Boston for a week.

One ways tickets; good flying time; return trips; rental cars; getting travel completed before the expensive crazy holiday travel times and flexibility to see the big picture of prices and schedules is the  brilliant thing about this website.

Mission accomplished!

We are both very satisfied with the way our trips went.  It was a long 2 weeks that we did not see each other but the kiddos were able to stay here and be well taken care of by one of us during the other person’s travel time.


Leaving sunny warm weather for the cold dark northeast



Right before bringing Mikee to Cancun airport for his trip back to the USA


I just want to add how nice it was to be with my 2 little nephews.  I loved how my Add and I were able to walk to and from the school bus stop and just have some special “Add and Auntie Cami” time.  He is a great tour guide around the city of Boston that is his home.  And my little Ari is a cutie and growing so amazingly right before our eyes.  We enjoyed our 2am-6am shifts of time spent together so momma could catch a couple extra winks.

Also, my sister got the hugest kick out of watching my gleeful excitement to be in a “real” grocery store with everything a person could possibly want.


Heading out to the bus for school


City kid at the bus stop

City kid at the bus stop

Littlest big guy

Littlest big guy


Luxury grocery shopping in Copley Place


Cold winter nights are so pretty in the city


Me and the little guy skyping with my babies who I missed to pieces

I am a fan of cities, especially the mix of the sleek modern buildings mixed with the architectural beauty of the old brownstones.  It was cold and I ended up sick from the damp chill in the air but still was a sucker for snapping pictures of things that catch my eye.


IMG_6726_600w   IMG_6596_600w


PS- Thanks Gail and Bobo for letting Mikee stay at your place.  When Ginger Kitty found out he was there but you weren’t she asked, “How did he get in the house?  Does Gail know?”  Hugs to my sisters who are kind of super heros with all they do in their busy lives.

::sigh::  It sure is nice to be back home, though.


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  • Gail & B0Bo December 30, 2012, 6:58 pm

    We were sorry to miss spending time with Mikee. Hope you enjoyed sole possession of the remote! 🙂 Miss all of you!

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