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Just put away my little pocket calendar to fill in some info and realized another week has gone by in a flash.

Do you feel like you are traveling faster than the speed of light in your life too?

Mikee had the public talk on Sunday, we helped a friend with some errands, we stopped by a local artist’s studio, we had the normal bustling of school and service and work and some extras for the week that we had been planning for a bit -and then some unplanned extras.

As usual, our skills of being flexible were put to the test.  We had plans to go to Cozumel on Tuesday and meet up with some friends that were on a cruise.  (a little bit of business for Mikee and a little bit of fun for me)  This meant making sure our kiddos were all set with school and food and a ride to the meeting.  We made all the necessary arrangements, packed up for the day, including our meeting clothes because we would be heading over to the Kingdom Hall after getting off the ferry back here in Playa del Carmen.  Then we had a call from some friends that are staying in Cancun for a bit and they would like to maybe get together.  So, this was going to get squeezed into the evening time after meeting.  (I know we are “old” because the thought of doing anything after 7 or so just wipes me out)

I go to bed Monday evening and wonder how the next day will go.  Well, I didn’t have long to wait because Austin was up sick most of the night and neither of us had much sleep.  Around 4 am, Mikee decided to not do Cozumel.  I was relieved for the sake of my exhaustion but kind of bummed for the sake of the arrangements we had already made with the cruise people.

Poor Austin had a rough go of it all day.

We did get to contact our friends up in Cancun early Tuesday morning and they had rented a car to come down to Playa del Carmen for the day.  They met us at our place and we visited our beach and showed them around the neighborhood and checked out the dolphins.  Austin made it out of his hibernation long enough to meet Alex (who is the same exact age) and strike up the start of a friendship.

The bug that people here are catching is a quick 24 hour bug.  Nothing like the horrible time many are having up in the United States with the flu.  He was back in service this week.  He was out 3 days in a row and on each day, the person he was working with started a bible study.  That is pretty encouraging.

We even had the treat of being able to visit our favorite resort, the Royal Sands, in Cancun for a couple hours.

There are 2 english speaking congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Playa del Carmen.  The local tradition is that people from both congregations meet up at the beach in the afternoon.  This is a nice tradition.  There are quite a few families with kiddos and they all get to play ball or build sandcastles or jump in the ocean.  Also, any visitors to the area come and enjoy a nice easy way to get to know the locals.

Note to self: Gotta get back to immigration sometime this week since the kiddos paperwork was filed but has not showed up online yet.  Someday you will hear about our immigration adventures but first I need to make sure our family is legal in the country.  😉


A local artist’s studio



A beautiful piece of art for Kelly



Seen on our morning walk



Going to work. Also known as, a local pick up truck.



Lots of fish to see at our beach right here



The other day I counted 10 different varieties -including moray eels



The reef at our beach. If you look real carefully you will see…



…the girls out there



The seals showing off (in Puerto Aventuras)



People lined up to feed the manatees (in Puerto Aventuras)



Working hard in school



Any time we go to Cancun, this is our favorite stop. You MUST see the view from here! When driving into the Cancun “Hotel Zone”, you’ll see a parking lot on the right at marker 18KM (Watch for the markers in the grass strip that separates the road) There is a pretty giant wooden deck you can check the view from. Or, you can go down and enjoy the beautiful public beach.



New friends



Checking out the view from the balcony



The Royal Sands Resort, Cancun



Still pretty even after sunset



Ginger Kitty makes new friends easily



Playa del Carmen cong at the beach



Playa del Carmen cong kids at the beach.
Notice the kid TOTALLY buried in the middle, with just his face showing. 🙂



From our Playa cong



From our Playa cong


Aren’t they cuties?


Fishing at sunset. Can you see the ferry heading to Cozumel?

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  • Em January 27, 2013, 1:03 pm

    so, I kept looking for the “like” button on each picture…nay…not to be found.


    ALL these pictures!!! <3

  • Nancy Davis November 18, 2013, 10:57 am

    Good morning brother….we are witnesses from Texas. I have been following your adventures for a couple of months, since we moved back to the sates from Costa Rica. I was hoping you could help lead me in the right direction. We are going on a cruise for our anniversary and will be making a stop in Cozumel. My husband and I were wanting to go out in service with the friends there, would you happen to know of anyone serving there we could communicate with? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your sister, Nancy

  • Allison January 25, 2014, 10:19 am

    My name is allison! I noticed in your picture up above that you had pictures of a “local artist” would that local artist be joe? He lives in the bottom of chicos place? I spent a month and a half in Playa a year ago and loved it! Could you tell joe that Allison says hi from New Brunswick Canada ? I painted with him last February and really enjoyed it! If he has an email I would really love to get in touch with him again! Enjoy your Mexican adventure.
    Warm Christian love to your family
    Your sister

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