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It won’t be to hard to find this Nemo.



Lots of our friends and family with no electricity and no electricity means

  • no heat
  • no lights
  • no toilet flushing

I don’t need to make a GIANT list for you to read, but no electricity means having nothing that runs on electricity to work.

How do I know that?  It happens to us a LOT here in Mexico.

It took my mom over a day to get in touch with my grandparents since the phone lines were down and cell phones were not fully functioning.  But all is well.

I like to think of when we used to live back in Massachusetts, and at night when we take walks in the snow.

At first it seems silent.

Then after a couple moments you can actually hear the snow falling.  It is such a peaceful sound. I also remember when we built a snowman in a strangers yard. And when we would go sledding. It it just so weird to see pictures of snow, and then be like “what is THAT stuff”?

Just a little question, mom and I want to know when and why did they start naming snowstorms?

Just to say, I am wicked jealous of everybody.

Narragansett Towers

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