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The circus is in town.

When the circus comes to town, trucks drive through the neighborhood with their loud speaker blaring to advertise the circus and sell cheap tickets.  Lot of times those trucks have a cage with some of the circus animals.

We are driving through Playa del Carmen to run some errands and who is next to us at the traffic light?

One of the circus trucks.

It happened to have this interesting animal looking at us.

We had just come from the Oxxo store (like a 7 Eleven) so Mikee had a bag a fritos.  First he tells me to hand a frito over.  No way.  I am not putting out my hand to this guy.  So Mikee starts tossing pieces to him which made him very happy.

By the way, Mikee is a pretty good shot to get those things through the holes in the cage.

You can kind of see the sign that says no photos and no feeding the animal in this video.  Oops.

The monkey seemed to appreciate the kindness.


FYI:  I am not a fan of animals being driven around in a cage on a truck, but they do make traffic more interesting.




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