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We had to go up to Cancun a couple days ago.

A trip to Cancun for any reason always includes a run into Costco for the regular items (real butter, tp, paper towels, fruit and peanut butter)  We also ended up in Home Depot looking for a deshumidificador” –a surprisingly difficult item to find here.

Home Depot is one store that makes me a little homesick.  So much of my previous life was spent in Home Depot between work and building our own home and getting deals for the local RBC -it’s just full of good memories.  Plus, I love the smell of sawdust and wood.  But, it also makes me feel ‘not content.’  We don’t have the time or money or energy to spend fixing things in our home to be “just so” and I am ok with that.  Until we walk the isles of beautiful light fixtures or garden shop full of tropical and exotic plants or fabulous kitchen cabinets and spectacular array of paint colors.  You get the idea.  But, honestly, that is not what our life here is about and it’s ok.  Just keep me away from HD.  😉


Anyway, we have been everywhere looking for dehumidifiers.  We did see one at Home Depot today but decided to pass on it -low quality, no name brand, made here in this country, and still nearly $400.  That has “make more hassle for you when it refuses to work” written all over.

Why is it that several stores sell humidifiers?  Seriously, who would purchase those?  It’s been 120% humidity here for months.

Excuse my rambling.  The reason for this post is that Mikee had a special treat for us on the ride home.


We know there is one in Guadalajara -because we used to treat ourselves when we went to the airport.  Not sure if there are any others in Mexico.  Maybe Mexico City.

Krispy Kreme is so popular here (they must ship the ingredients in from the states because the donuts taste just right and that doesn’t happen often) that for our recent pioneer school, the Cancun friends brought in like 12 dozen and everyone went nuts.

Yum-mo… 🙂


IMG_3242_600w IMG_3239_600w IMG_3241_600w IMG_3248_600w


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  • Jane October 4, 2013, 10:46 am

    none here.. miss it! They are good.. TOO MANY DUNKIN DONUTS UP HERE!! Hope you enjoyed your Krispy Kreme heartstoppers.. LOL!!

    Jane 🙂

  • Jackie October 6, 2013, 6:43 am

    What a fun time! Those look absolutely amazing!

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