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We live on the Caribbean Sea now and this is far away from when we lived in the much drier climate up in the mountains on Lake Chapala.  The dry season there is D.R.Y!!!  Once the rainbirds begin their song, you know that the rains will start to soon bring green to the dry hills and fill the lake.  Some said the rainbirds started earlier this year and guess what?  The rains have started.  And they started earlier, so I guess there is truth to the folklore.  Although the rain was also accompanied by an earthquake out on the Pacific side today also.  ::shiver::  It’s being reported as a 6.4.  There was a 7.0 just a couple weeks ago.

There is much power in the earth that we see in something like an earthquake or heavy wind.  There is also so much delicate beauty.

Today’s blast from the past is remembering the wild orchids we had when we lived on Lake Chapala in the tiny village of San Juan Cosala.

There would be guys that get these in the mountains and bring them to town to sell for the equivalent of $10.


IMG_8948_600w IMG_8938_600w IMG_9292_600w IMG_9018_600w IMG_8953_600w IMG_8939_600w


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