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#tbt back to life on Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico.

Most of the pictures or videos we shot when we lived here were outside on our terrace.  There were actually less bugs and creeping things out on that ‘terraza’ than in the house and we were more comfortable there than inside the casa.

We had bats (I mean LOADS of ’em) living in the tiles of our roof.  At dusk, we would start to hear their noise as they wake up and then come out of their safe ‘home’ to swarm fly our to feast on the bobos.  We would sit (we had no tv) and watch them come out of all the different houses in pretty much the same pattern.  We wondered if the different angle of the sunset on each individual house was the trigger.

[youtube ae3-5EpAVMk]


What are bobos you ask?  They are miniscule insects that you can barely see.  They come out just before dusk and fill the air (and your mouth and nose and eyes) for about a half hour and then disappear -or get eaten by bats.  The “clicking” sound you hear are the bobos getting ZAPPED! by Austin.

[youtube HNByCvWKCLs]


During other parts of the day we also have a variety of insects that also liked living in our home while we were there.  One thing I do not miss about that house was that we always had to wear shoes.  You never knew what there would be waiting for you to step on them.  One morning, Austin rolled over to put his shoes on before getting out of bed and saw this…

IMG_5167_600w IMG_5164_600w

[youtube dpBO6AVGDGA]

(Note:  The kiddos were still in a private school at this time and you can see India wearing her uniform.)

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  • Yaya April 24, 2014, 8:17 am

    that seems like it was a billion years ago!!

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