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While Mikee has been working hard on his trip to Salt Lake City, we have been holding down the fort.

We sure do miss him but over the years we have come up with a fun “Dad’s away” routine.  And now we’re on our way to pick him up at the airport.
Just wanted to share a fun field trip we took this week.  Our friends Greg and Judy invited us to spend the day Friday exploring a little town named Tapalpa.
When you home school your kiddos, you get to make up your own field trips.

It’s a little over 2 hours to drive there and we actually leave the paved road to drive on what essentially is a cow path that cars use to climb up and over and down the mountains outside of the town we live in.  Once over the mountain we cross a dry lake bed and pick up a paved road for a bit on our way to climbing more mountainous, switch back filled, bumpy roads.  You can watch the valley with that giant lake bed just fall away as we ascend higher and higher over the mountain.

Located high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains, without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico.  Most towns have a history that goes back hundreds of years and has to do with local people having to submit to a foreign authority that comes in and takes over.  What is interesting is to see what a different look each town has.
Tapalpa is surrounded by forests with large trees that look like what you might find in the Northern states of the U.S.  The building look very European.  You almost feel like you are in an Alpine village.  (I kept looking to see people in ski wear walking through town)  There is a lot of wood detail on the homes which we don’t have lakeside.   There are lakes and streams in abundance.


Tapalpa Centro




A nice treat to see so many wood details

Very rustic architecture

All the doors are wood and very antique

Can you believe these antique keys are still used?

What a crew!

Looks like a good place for lunch

Very pretty inside

Don't you just love this courtyard?

Everyone thinks lunch was "bueno"

After seeing the sights of town and filling our tummies we were onto see Piedrotas o Valle de Enigmas.  This attraction is a valley of huge monolithic stones seated in the middle of a field surrounded by woods.  It is thought that this valley was a pre-Hispanic ceremonial center.
You can see how pretty this view is but you have no clue the size of these rocks until…

...can you find the people down by the rocks?

Of course we had to explore these cool rocks.  Judy and Greg stayed behind.  My poor friend, she broke her foot.  Greg was saving his energy for the long ride home.

First we squeeze through this narrow gate of posts and barbed wire


Then we make our way along the narrow path

Close up

A little farther away



There were horses available if you wanted to ride but it was so much more fun to walk in and climb.

Can you see the horse on the lower right side of the rocks?

Can you see the tiny specks that are people in front of the rocks?

Courageous hikers

Awesome Austin demonstrating his brute strength


Did we see it all?  Not really.  There is a beautiful waterfall out there and also a pretty luxurious country club.  This is an area that sees a high end clientele from Guad on the weekends.  It really is a pretty drive.  The sides of the roads are just bursting with wild flowers.  And the fences are just pieces of trees cut and put in the ground as stakes.


We really enjoyed the adventures of the day and as we were on the long, twisty, bumpy ride home I was worn out and so looking forward to being home and going to bed until…



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  • ginny brown September 28, 2011, 7:50 am

    wouldn’t those scenic pictures look so pretty on a calendar? Your adventures are so wonderful. I rank your outings right up there with the t.v. show “the Amazing Race”. I want that blue fountain right in my front yard! ginny

  • DAD September 28, 2011, 8:37 am


  • Rebecca and George Duarte September 28, 2011, 2:23 pm

    Those rocks are HUGE. Holy cow i can’t imagine standing next to them in real life makes you feel small, for sure.

  • claire September 29, 2011, 5:03 pm

    What a fun day for your family – you’re a great photographer! When we drive through Mexico I am always in awe of the beautiful scenery. We arrived back in Acapulco last Thursday, and at one point of the drive back, saw valleys full of those beautiful purple wildflowers. Arent they gorgeous??? Our S.A.D. this December is in Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas, so I will get to see a part of Mexico I’ve never visited. I’ll have about 15 hours of driving time to take pictures! (I’m thinking of starting a blog soon….will let you know if I do. )

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