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Watching Netflix In Mexico

A lot of friends ask what we do for TV down here in Mexico.

While some neighborhoods have cable TV access, we don’t. Even if we did, a lot of the stations are in Spanish.

Satellite  TV is available. Again, most in Spanish. The main choice for English programming is a dish company from Canada.

We didn’t want to “dish out”  $400 – $500 for equipment, so we chose another route.

We access NetFlix and Hulu using a Roku box over the internet.

Unfortunately, a problem we discovered being outside the USA is that you are blocked from getting many websites. These include NetFlix, Pandora, Hulu, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, MTV, etc…

Fortunately, we found that we can access these using a cool service called GetUSAWebsites.com.

Many people who visit our blog are also living outside the USA, If so, click the image above to find out more.








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  • susan November 21, 2011, 6:24 pm

    Whoa. I didn’t know they could block websites like that…especially news channels!!!! That’s crazy. We had better TV and internet service in Malawi than we had here in MIssouri!!! It took us A LONG TIME to get internet service through the cable company. I told them (and the telephone company, who also didn’t offer service….) that we must be a “3rd world country”. They FINALLY got it out here….We don’t live in the boon-docks boys. But we are 2 blocks from where the telephone lines stopped offering the high speed data lines…!!! Crazy. Satellite was tooo expensive here….But Love the SKYPE it was SO much fun to talk to you girls today. Thanks for the school help too!

  • DAD November 22, 2011, 9:43 am


  • Claire Janvary November 30, 2011, 9:53 am

    Heard that Netflix is now available in Mexico – haven’t had time to check it out yet. And did you find out yet that not all DVD players are created equal??? Movies are by “region” and unless the one you buy in the U.S. is for ALL regions, it won’t play most movies sold or rented down here…and same goes for DVD’s bought in Mexico. Once rented 4 movies at Blockbuster and only ONE worked on my player. Bummer.

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