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Because there is just not enough fun stuff to see where we live (that is sarcasm, by the way) we decided to explore the beautiful city of Merida.

As the state and regional capital, Mérida is a cultural center, featuring multiple museums, art galleries, restaurants, movie theatres and shops. Mérida retains an abundance of beautiful colonial buildings and is a vibrant cultural center with music and dancing playing an important part in day-to-day life. At the same time it is a modern city boasting a comprehensive range of shopping malls, auto dealerships, top quality hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities. The famous avenue, Paseo de Montejo, is lined with original sculpture.

Merida is truly a beautiful city.

I loved looking at the beauty of these 500 year old buildings.  I liked seeing the past preserved in the colors and styles of the architecture.  I could see the pride of the old portrayed in murals and the feel of culture in the music that filled the streets.  Plus, it is a bustling city -and I always enjoy being in a city for a visit.

I can see why people who have lived along the Cancun or Playa del Carmen area decide to move here.  This has much more of the “Mexican” feel of living in Mexico.

We heard there is a zoo here and had to check it out.  Zoos here are a different experience.  You are much closer to the animals -it’s almost scary how they are close enough for you to touch.  I do not enjoy seeing animals in small enclosures but still, to be able to see them so close is amazing.  I think I could live forever and never ever tire of watching different animals.

It’ll take a lot more to pull me away from the ocean though.  So, no worries.  We’ll be here in Playa del Carmen for a while.

As you look at the pictures you will see the beautifully restored buildings alongside the crumbly old buildings.  It takes a lot more than a fresh coat of paint to spiff them up.  Keep in mind that what you see is very very old.

Enjoy our little photo tour and when you are finished, please tell me what your favorite shot is.  🙂

IMG_7852_600w IMG_7841_600w IMG_7962_600w IMG_7951_600w IMG_7954_600w IMG_7956_600w IMG_7957_600w IMG_7959_600w IMG_7967_600w IMG_7858_600w IMG_7860_600w IMG_8095_600w IMG_8097_600w

The church that presides over the town plaza is hundreds of years old and quite imposing looking.  There are always several beggars sitting in the doorway.

The age and architecture of this building makes it one of the most important historical structures in the peninsula. Built with the stones from the pyramids of Mayan city Called T’ho, now Mérida, it is the first cathedral built in North America. Its construction began in 1561 and was finished in 1598. The original name of the cathedral is San Idelfonso.


IMG_8231_600w IMG_8224_600w IMG_8225_600w IMG_8234_600w IMG_8233_600w IMG_8206_600w IMG_8207_600w


Here is the Casa de Montejo.  It is now a bank and museum.  Kelley and I went inside the humungous double doors to peek.  I love the look of old wood and hardware.

This building construction began in 1543. This is the oldest structure in Mérida. The plateresque portico is perhaps the most beautiful in North America. The house was occupied by the Spanish governor and founder of Mérida, Don Francisco de Montejo El Mozo.







Nighttime is also exciting.  There is live music everywhere, the clip-pity clop of the horses pulling carriages along the street, vendors with all kinds of hand made items, and little food stands that line the walkway of the plaza.  There was even a guy with a telescope set up that you could look through -for 10 pesos, of course.  The old buildings look different in the night.

Austin had several guys trying to sell him cigars -we thought that was funny.

We had a delicious treat that is a mix between a crepe and a waffle.  While it is still on the griddle it is spread with nutella and caramel and then rolled and served.  Austin is a huge fan of Marquesitas.

The streets get closed at night to car traffic and the restaurants set up tables and there is music and dancing in the streets.

IMG_8195_600w IMG_8190_600w IMG_8114_600w IMG_8115_600w IMG_8126_600w IMG_8131_600w IMG_8194_600w IMG_7977_600w IMG_7990_600w IMG_7995_600w IMG_8187_600w IMG_8160_600w IMG_8158_600w IMG_8005_600w IMG_7993_600w IMG_8000_600w IMG_7994_600w IMG_7999_600w IMG_8001_600w IMG_8151_600w IMG_8007_600w IMG_8006_600w IMG_8168_600w IMG_8171_600w

We were admiring the outside of the Opera house and the police man outside took us on a little tour and we were able to see the inside of this beautiful building.  It was built in 1909 and currently is the home to the Merida symphony.

IMG_8161_600w IMG_7989_600w IMG_8175_600w IMG_8177_600w IMG_8176_600w IMG_8179_600w IMG_8181_600w IMG_8165_600w IMG_8174_600w IMG_8182_600w IMG_8180_600w

The best part?  Was walking across the plaza to see several hundred people -locals and visitors- dancing in front of the main city hall.  This is not for a special occasion but happens each week.

IMG_8147_600w IMG_8149_600w IMG_8155_600w

[youtube SVeutf9Eluw]

[youtube CZH8IhZ_qXs]

 OK, so which picture is your favorite?

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  • Elly February 27, 2013, 10:02 am

    Hard to choose! I saw elements of greek, european, and middle eastern aspects in the architecture. But I would have to say the colorful quilts REALLY caught my eye.

    • admin February 28, 2013, 10:32 am

      Elly- I am so in love with the quilts. All that embroidery is done by hand and each square tells a story.

  • ginny brown February 27, 2013, 1:11 pm

    Those buildings were absolutely beautiful! It looks like it would be a fun way to spend a weekend.

    • admin February 28, 2013, 10:31 am

      Ginny- It was like driving through a postcard. Something pretty and unique to see at every turn.

  • Lee & Jessica Bachman February 27, 2013, 3:22 pm

    Beautiful tour! I liked the green and white building with the black wrought iron window and balcony railings. Green is my favorite color! I also liked the pic of the people dancing. It looks really cool! Maybe we should come visit you guys sometime… 😉

    • admin February 28, 2013, 10:30 am

      Jess- That would be awesome! When you leave Nicaragua, do you need to go right back to the States? Or can you detour through Cancun International Airport?

  • Johanna Martin March 1, 2013, 10:12 pm

    It is very hard to say which one is my favorite. I absolutely love the night time pictures. You know I am a creature of the night. The colors of Mexico are so vibrant you just have to love them. They are a feast for the eyes.
    Thank you for letting me follow you on your Family Adventure.
    By the way you all look wonderful and happy. Mexico becomes you.

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