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Usually when we go to the beach of Playa del Carmen, it looks like this…



Yesterday it looked like this…



On Sunday afternoon we head to the beach here in Playa del Carmen.  Many of our friends do too.  It’s a great, easy going tradition that I love.  No stress.  Just some chairs and toys and something to drink and snack on.  Sometimes the kiddos kick around a soccer ball or play volleyball or fly kites.

That did not seem viable when we had lightning flash around us and thunder shake the ground.  I was looking to see which way the clouds were rolling and then came the soaking rain.  I mean SOAKED.


We made a mad dash for shelter in a condo some friends were renting and hung out to see if the weather would clear.  It did.  So, we still enjoyed our beach day.




Apparently there are a couple storm systems brewing out there that are bringing in this rain.  Although, as long as we get the rain, we should be clear of the hurricanes.  Hopefully.

We used to come to this spot until someone decided to build a house.  I cannot understand why people think that it’s a good idea to errect a structure on shifting sand.  I also cannot understand how someone can lay claim to something that should be shared.  Not cool.  So we have moved a little further up the beach.  It just makes me wonder how long until the people that live here are denied access to something that belongs to everyone and is claimed by a few who spend a couple weeks and leave these properties empty most of the year.  Until then, we will enjoy as much as we can.



If you come down to visit us, you can enjoy it too.


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  • Susan September 12, 2013, 11:29 am

    So glad that you are posting again! It is so much fun to keep up with your family there in Mexico, while we are here in Mexico. ….Missouri that is….Oh well. We are keeping on here, trying to get back into the swing of the September schedule…it seems harder this year for some reason, but maybe because so many around us are struggling with sickness right now in the congregation. EVERYONE needs help. It’s hard to sometimes know where to prioritize when there are so many. But one thing the doctor told Steve this week is GET MORE SUN!!! hurrah! I like that part of the help…..Maybe we’ll just have to head to a “beach near you”………

  • Sue November 7, 2013, 9:28 pm

    Hi, I will be retiring in May 2014 and I love the Mayan peninsula. I am planning to spend 2-5 months a year there. I am hoping you may have some contact information for finding rental property on the beach. I love snorkeling and found Ahkumal great since you can swim out to the reef there. Somewhere in that area is where I am hoping to settle and I don’t need anything fancy, small and low upkeep, I’m looking for a place to live with the Mexican people not an expat community . I can’t seem to find a map showing the little villages along the coast there just the bigger centers like Cancun, Play del Carmen, etc.

    • admin November 8, 2013, 10:18 am

      How exciting for you to be coming here. The Mayan peninsula is an amazing place -so full of nature and interesting people. I sent along an email with some helpful info. 🙂

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