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This is Austin’s stage family from the drama at the last convention.

His ‘temporary’ parents, Dave and Maggie, left Playa del Carmen today to head back to the US.  They have been invited to the next BSCC class in Florida.  We sure are gonna miss their encouraging and enthusiastic presence in our life.  And the cinnamon rolls.  And their ready smiles.  And their infectious laugh.  And their stylin’ fashion sense.  And their stories.  And the super service group illustrations.

Travel safe and we look forward to hearing about your new adventures.



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  • Lori February 7, 2014, 12:14 am

    What a good looking young man Austin is.

  • Sheila Gonzales February 11, 2014, 9:01 pm

    Hi Camille, We had the opportunity to meet you last April at the Playa Congregation. My sister Barbara Luna and her husband Manuel are building a home in Tulum. I have heard about a lot of changes to the English congregations since then. How is it going for your family? Barbara and Manuel will be visiting again in March/April. My husband and I have been planning to make a move where we could both full time pioneer on a limited income. We will be in a position to retire by fall of this year and our goal was to come to the Playa area. I have read some of your blog and it was very helpful. It sounds like your move there has been a positive one for your family. When we were in Playa we worked in service with Alejandra and David. Are they still there? Your sister, Sheila.

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