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I Love Fireworks!

One thing you have to love about the south is the abundance of legal fireworks.

Up north, fireworks are a 365 day a year illegal contraband.

But down here you regularly drive past places like “Big Zack’s Fireworks” or so many other places where you can legally buy all the explosive devices your little boy heart could ever desire.

Last night (Monday) was our last night here with our close friends the Mercer family here in Warren, Arkansas.  In an hour or so we head out to Dallas to visit some friends.

About a half mile down the road was a circus tent set up to sell nothing but fireworks. Woo Hoo!

The boy team headed down in the afternoon and looked at the cool variety of different fireworks, and purchased a little of this and a little of that.

When I was a kid, the big king explosive was called the “M-80”, in this tent they were selling “M-5000” and “JUMBO M-5000”.

Since we didn’t want to blow out any windows of our vehicles or the house, we grabbed some rockets that blow up in the sky instead.  😉

The kids sat in the back of  Mike Mercer’s pickup truck while we shot these off into the gorgeous perfectly clear star filled night.

Even Austin and Carly (their 11 year old daughter) got the chance to light the fuse.

Ahh… it’s the simple things in life like detonating explosives that make quality family time together, and a fun evening.  🙂

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  • Nell July 7, 2010, 12:46 pm

    …thinking of you as you’re once again hittin’ the road…and wondering if you “wish you were an apple on a tree” or “a glass of cherry wine”??? Long road trips always remind me of 3 little girls singin’ away in the back of the Grand Torino.

    Enjoy…And memories to last a lifetime will follow.

    Auntie Nellie

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