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The kiddos have been praying that we get a good snowstorm before we leave for Mexico.

Their prayers were answered!
14 inches of snow, baby.
(is this snow a sign?)

Our leave date depended on when we were able to get the 28′ truck delivered to load up and then when the trucking company could come to pick it up.
We have been packing like crazy for what seems like forever.  (by the way, Camille is the rubbermaid tote queen)  And guess what?  We have a lot of stuff we are bringing.  It’s shocking to me to see how much stuff we are bringing (Mikee says, “Hey we have the room.  Might as well fill it up.”) but we have…
computer stuff -Mikee is working
kitchen stuff -we love to cook and make pastry
kids stuff -we have 3 kids
arts/crafts stuff -love to create
book stuff -voracious readers
tool stuff -lots of volunteer building projects including a new 3500 seat assembly hall 15 miles away
music stuff -needed the guitar, digital piano, recorders and music

and did I mention LEGO STUFF?

The very last item to put in the truck. We used 13 feet of the 28 foot trailer.

We probably overpacked but I think that everything we brought will find a happy home in our new home.  We purposely brought things that we know are difficult to come by in Mexico and we know that there are friends who can put them to good use.

Saturday we started filling the truck.  The truck is 28 feet long and is 8 feet wide and about 10 feet tall.  We pay by how many feet of depth we take.  We started off trying for 4 feet just to see how far we got.  We ended up with 13.  (the guy that came to pick up the truck kept trying to write down 14 feet on the manifest and I had to keep making sure we kept it at 13)  We hoped to finish up Sunday but IT SNOWED.  Really SNOWED.  By Monday morning we had about 18 inches.

Sunday night we all bundled up and enjoyed a walked up the street in the dark windy snowy night.  Fun.

Random snowman we made in an unsuspecting neighbor's yard.

All the romance of walking in the snow.  By Monday morning the honeymoon was over.

Mikee shoveled out our 200 foot, hilly, winding driveway.  Shoveled.  By hand.  Whew!  That guy deserves some applause.  After we finished we did have some help from friends with their snowblower to finish out the mailbox (which gets plowed in and is really really really hard to clear) and the large parking area at the top of the driveway.  THANK YOU GUYS!!!

[youtube rkQz1h1NC1g]

[youtube 0e_fYqA4Xps]

Our new leave date was set for Thursday morning as soon as the truck left.  The guy did not show up until after 12:30.  (he was funny and not hahaha funny, but that is a different story.  he asked if we were crossing the CANADIAN border to get to Mexico)  Finally we were able to get going.

A quick hug for Ron & Jane

The brand new Stonington, Connecticut Kingdom Hall

ps- Mikee and I have been happily married for 21 years but we learned while packing for our honeymoon that packing is the one thing we do NOT do together.  🙂  It’s been interesting as we both have been working on this trip when our paths collide and we are in the same room and packing.  But we came up with a system that worked great …and no tempers flared.  🙂

[youtube 3bJUATC8N8w]

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