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Ginger Kitty loves kitties and calls them her “kitty cousins.”  Our life here is busy enough (actually, more than busy enough) and so we do not have any pets.  We are just about the only family around without pets.

Our friend, Faith, who loves animals so much has brought us over bunnies (which we managed to not keep) and fish (which we ended up keeping) and kittens.

One day Faith showed up with these bunnies she was hoping we would keep

The girls decorated their box

Austin and AZUL (may he rest in peace) 🙁

India and BUBBA & Ginger Kitty and RAINBOW BUTTERFLY

A little bit ago Faith came up with the idea that she would let Ginger Kitty pick out a cute “kitty cousin” and that it would live at Faith’s house.  Isn’t that sweet?   So together they went to Anita’s Animals and picked out Coco.

India and Ginger Kitty worked on a list of kitten names so they would be ready when she picked out the perfect little pet.  The list was divided by color characteristics and gender and included…

Kitten Names

India & Selena list their kitten names.


So, now Ginger Kitty has a kitty -kind of.

There are zillions of stray kitties and doggies here.  (maybe not zillions, but pretty close)

We may have mentioned the wide variety of animals available here that people have as pets.  People get pets because they are cute and interesting and then they abandon them when they move or are bored or money is needed to adequately care for them.

At the bottom of where we live is a place called Anita’s Animals.  Anita is a kind person that feels such pain for all these abandoned little creatures and cannot refuse to help them.  The result is that she has soooo many little kitties and doggies that need good loving homes.

Our friend, Faith, also cannot resist the lure of cuteness and she has a house full of pets.  Thanks to Faith for her kind offer.  Ginger Kitty is so happy.

PS- Mikee says the reason we do not want to take on any more pets is because we have 3 already.  Their names are Austin, India and Ginger Kitty.  😉


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  • DAD August 17, 2012, 9:52 am


  • Gail August 17, 2012, 3:22 pm

    Ginger Kitty,
    I think that Coco is a cool name! In fact all the names
    were cute! Just like you 🙂
    Love ya,

  • Tamar and Tom August 20, 2012, 7:25 pm

    For the white kitty–Snowflake is pretty. So glad Ginger-Kitty has a little kitty–after my own heart!! Take care of her and she will love you forever Ginger-Kitty. Love you guys—we still want to come and visit you–is the invitation still open????? Tamar and Tom

  • Cheyenne Schmeikal August 20, 2012, 9:53 pm

    Hey Ginger Kitty 🙂
    Be care full with the bunnies, don’t leave them by an open window, last time mine frozed to death 🙁
    -Cheyenne Schmeikal

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