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We have been here in Mexico for over a week.

Honestly, we are pretty exhausted.  It’s been a week of intense searching… found the KH and Mikee did a great job on the Sunday talk, met lots of people and remembered many of the names, found a great school, journeyed into Guadalajara during a floodlike rainstorm (what is it with us and attracting uncharacteristic monsoons?), made some new friends, worked a new territory, learned to buy from roadside vendors, checked our homes for rent, figured out how to use Microdyn to wash the fresh fruits and veggies -it’s pretty simple.

This is not a vacation.  Well, kind of.  We love being in the pool each day!

Thomas Edison said, “If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

Well, we are capable of enjoying this new place.

It took a couple days but I finally can drive down the street and recognize the specific streets and landmarks instead of them all melting into a blur.  This town has very much the feel of a Mexican village.

When we first came here we were very tired from the long ride and everything seemed scary and dangerous.  It is the newness.  But in a short time we have made it past scary and can see the beauty and simplicity of life.  I am not saying it’s paradise.  We all have “a little while longer” to wait. I am also not saying that we have made any decision about staying here. But we have certainly done a great job of collecting as much info as possible.  Phew.  I am tired.  It’s kind of emotional limbo.
No matter where you go, we all have the same basic needs.

There are 2 separate cultures here in Ajijic.  The Mexicans are very poor -but have everything they need.  Not much extra.  But everything needed.  Then there are the 6-10 thousand Foreigners.  People who have come here to simplify their life and make their dollars go much further.  Both cultures still have in common a need to know that the Bible tells us the best way to live life now and offers a hope for things to get better in the future.

When something is new it’s human nature to feel scared.  We are feeling safer as we get used to the new surroundings. And now to learn about Jocotopec…

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