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The GREATEST Restaurant EVER!!!

The development where we are staying has tennis courts, basketball, soccer field, thermal spring pools, etc…

It also has 3 restaurants. We went tonight for dinner to the “family restaurant”.

We knew it had a playground, but never thought it would have multiple trampolines for the kiddos to jump around on while waiting to eat.

The kids all said it was the “GREATEST Restaurant EVER!”

Kids jumping on a trampoline at a restaurant in Racquet Club

We adults thought it was super too.  🙂

It’s really hard to see the elevations involved. In the picture below you can see the street level far far below.

[youtube SVIkDwAl150]

[youtube wEfwrV7dL00]

[youtube tq0Mw_bFHKQ]

[youtube HZKZ3huTm-A]

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  • Aunti Em July 21, 2010, 1:01 am

    Yea, but how is the guacamole? tee hee.

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