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Quite often people think that in order to enjoy something they must pre-plan it ahead of time.  That way there will be no surprises to ruin the quality of the time.  Does that always work?  Well, that way of thinking can be frustrating when things don’t go exactly as planned.  Besides, who knows what treasures you may find if you can just “go with the flow”.

We used to be able to do this more easily when it was just the 2 of us.  And the reality of life with work and children and deadlines and caring for the needs of others does require a good schedule -which we have.  But it has been a joy on this trip to be able to savor our time together as a family and not always know exactly what the day will have in store.  (remember, we crossed into this country in the middle of a flood that shut down the border and towns and roads -not the original plan but we survived)

It’s easy to think that surprise equals bad.

We heard there was a place to go snorkeling about 15-20 minutes away from the beach we were at.  The beach at our place is fun and cool but is home to humongous waves.

Directions to this gentle area were kind of iffy and in a different language.  Our only warning was to not get stuck in the sand.  Off we went yesterday to try and figure out where this place was.  We found it!!!  Only took a couple wrong turns and then ventured on the one we thought was correct.  What a bumpy, windy, crazy path of a road -mostly dirt and puddles of unknown depths.  Past a very Mexican beach with lots of families, umbrellas and vendors.  A little further up we found where the road ends and the water meets the mountains and at the base of that a little lagoon area for us to snorkel in.

[youtube JFrTgLeSO18]

[youtube IoTGT_jmqK8]
Austin has been snorkeling since he was just 3 years old (that was on the other side of Mexico in Cancun.  we were in a strong current and Mikee had him tethered to his own gear)

India was excited to use her gear and since she now swims like a fish she was very comfortable.

Selena stayed next to me in the shallow water and walked around while holding her mask to her face and exclaiming over every single rock and fish and shell.

[youtube J5jonVCt5NE]
This was a great spot here in Manzanillo and we do look forward to returning here …hopefully with company from the States to show them around.  😉

There is almost always a vendor of some kind no matter where you go.  You can rent an umbrella, table and comfy chairs for $8 for the day.  We could have had fresh coconut milk or papaya or pineapple or bananas.  (it looks like an ice cream truck that plays music to get you to buy their bananas.  cost $1.50 will get you 9 pounds of bananas)

We found a guy who was cooking up some good looking chicken over a metal barrel turned sideways.  A whole fresh cooked chicken (was probably running around the day before and lived a pesticide hormone free diet) and fresh tortillas and rice for 70 pesos.  (a little over $5)  It was so good.  Austin said it “was the best chicken ever!”

We grabbed some refescos (sodas) from the guy next door.  It was fun to watch the kiddos negotiate which of them would get the brighter color orange soda or the lighter color orange soda that none of them had tasted as of yet or the apple soda.  Negotiations were based primarily on color rather than actual taste.  India says the apple soda was yummy.  Selena says “meow”  (what did you expect?  do you not yet know that she meows everything?)

[youtube jg-TXOyXFDw]

We enjoyed this lunch sitting in the car at Playa Boquita and watched all the activity.  There are no lifeguards but people are not reckless.  I think it’s funny that in the states we have all these built in cautions everywhere like we expect it to be someone else’s job to watch our every move but then clamor for our freedom.  We  expect the gov’t to keep us from doing anything that might harm us -lifeguards to blow whistles, fences to keep us from getting to close to the edge,  long list of rules in a public location to prevent us from doing something- and then complain that these rules encroach on our freeedom and our personal space.

It’s interesting to be somewhere that if you want to do someting really stupid you are allowed to.  Isn’t that really what freedom is all about.  🙂
And unlike in the states where if you went to do something stupid your fellow americans would not warn you but silently watch you claim your demise, here in mexico ppl are willing to warn you and let you know to wear shoes in the water, or watch the undertow, or it gets deep over there.

As we sat in our van by the shore eating the most delicious chicken in the world, the kids got the biggest kick at the “inflatable toy” vendor.  (there is actually a bicycle under all those toys)  You could get any kind of inflatable swim toy.  (another item that is banned from most us beaches)

I love watching the vendors.  One sold inflatables, another baskets, another jewelry, another wood carved items.  Apparently they make many people nervous for we had lots of people to say to us before we left the states  to watch out for all the people trying to sell us something.  The truth is they are hard working men and women who offer good/services for fair prices.  It’s an honorable way to earn a living.  If you see something you like, you ask a price.  If the price seems fair and you’re too nervous to ask for a better price, you get it and are happy and they are happy and it’s a good thing.  If you ask for a better price, you usually get one.  “I make a special price for you” is the line you will hear.  If it isn’t what you want then you say no thanks and walk away -that’s it.  No hassle.  I usually say hi and start a conversation -great way to keep the spanish fluent- and people are so friendly.  (we have been places where we do avoid all vendors -like Jamaica.  you will get harassed)

Interestingly for there being so many families with kids and items to buy and food to eat, we didn’t hear the typical greedy cries of kids “I want that” or “buy me that”.  Just a lot of laughing and smiling and families sharing casual time together.

So yes people are poor -is that wrong?  It’s not poverty -that applies to the ??? billion ppl who have no access to clean drinking water or enough provisions to survive each day.  Poor is when you can work an honest day’s job and have a feeling of pride and accomplishment that you provided for your family.  Simple.  The focus isn’t on the amount of things.  It’s on family and quality of life.

That all being said, we had a great day and found a place that will be on our family fav list.  Hopefully if you are reading this you will come visit us and we can bring you here.  And remember, just go with the flow…

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  • Sue Ann August 6, 2010, 3:10 am

    What a wonderful Enos Family adventure. Thank you for sharing.

  • Scott Weaver August 9, 2010, 1:06 pm

    hey there:

    Your family look very happy, you sure are have loads of fun!
    Last time we talked you were planning to move down sometime late this year, not sure if you are living there now or just vacationing?

    The kid’s a getting big, very cute.

    How you both feeling? hope everyone is doing great!

    Everyone hear is fine, Katie just had your Graduation party, scheduled for Pioneer School in a couple of weeks. Brianna turn 12 and can’t wait for thirteen.

    I’ve decided to change careers, tired of construction( to old). So I’ve gotten Certified in Computer technology (A+ ) & Network Technology (Network+ ).

    It’s a start, I’m looking for junior / entry level positions, but the economy/ hiring right now is pretty tight. ( companies are waiting on the new administration decision on how they will be taxed, before they start spending their capital on hiring new employees)

    well I was nice see you family’s site. Every one here says hi.
    until next time


  • Lori Blanchette Borys August 12, 2010, 1:41 am

    I love this picture! Everything you post is so beautiful, it’s now on my must see list. I’m glad you are all well and enjoying a wonderful place.

    Much Love, Be safe,

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