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August is a great time to watch meteor showers in New England.  Meteors are cool to watch -as long as they don’t actually hit anything.  The earth’s atmosphere does a fantastic job of protecting us from them.

Have you ever watched a NASA shuttle on reentry to the earth?  That atmosphere that protects us from meteors is a pretty intense part of the shuttle re-entry.  There is so much heat and friction that the shuttle could (and has) disintegrate.

Our re-entry is not that violent.  But, whew!, it’s been quite a week.  Mikee described it has “hitting the ground running.”  As we sat down to dinner this evening we were discussing how we haven’t had any opportunity in this week to breathe, much less reflect very much on our trip -and what a great trip it was.

So, no decisions yet.  We haven’t even been in the same room long enough to discuss anything.

I thoroughly enjoyed that we were able to spend 7 fabulous weeks together as a family.  And we all still like each other.  🙂

…and I hope we get to have some more nice family team time again real soon.

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