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This blog has been fun.  Fun for us to write and (hopefully) fun for you to read.

Even though we are back home from our trip we still have lots to say.  There is no way we could incorporate all the interesting experiences of the trip into our brief little blog posts.

For instance…

You never know what kind of funny sign you will see while walking into the grocery store or parking lot.

Dang! My squirrel hates when I leave him all alone in the van. 🙂

Actually, this is the entrance to Soriana’s in Manzanillo.  It’s the Mexican version of Super Walmart -but better.  (super walmart is, in fact, right across the street from here)  The service group meets here every afternoon for lunch and regrouping.

Yummiest gorditas ever!  They cost 7.9 pesos …or 65 cents.  I just grab a couple.  mmm… mmm… mmm… (my fav is the chourizo con pappas)

We haven’t been able to blog daily since being back.  But I hope to keep up a fairly regular schedule.  Once we walked through the door we were immediately thrust back into the daily grind.  These past couple weeks have been full of sadness for some of our loved ones.  Everyone is under extreme stress right now -our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

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  • Ellice August 26, 2010, 1:38 pm

    Hi Enos Family! I’ve been checking back here and love to see more pics of your trip here. AND! Still checking to see if there might be an announcement one of these times. Whatever you decide, we wish you happiness. Keep us posted!

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